Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 1st female YB of S1bu (?) the 10th Sarawak State Election 2011.

It had been "said" by one of le sser known Chinese Geomacer that after the erection of the "S1Bu Town Mascot" at the biggest Town Square of S1Bu ( Town Square Phase I) that S1BU will be having a big change in her political environment. How? Well, look at the pair of male (cob) and the female (pen), the male Swan being bigger in size is eager to fly away while the female is nesting and it beak pointing towards the ground of the S1BU Town Square and this being said a near future that S1Bu will be "blessed" with a female S1BU bred political leader. Who could that be ? Some said that it could be Datin Janet ....(well, do not think so that she would like to get herself in the political race again after the late Datuk Robert left her)...It had been a year since the late Datuk left this world fondly remembered and sadly missed him.

Kuching do have State ladies YBs, Meradong had one and looking at the 10th Sarawak State Election, will S1BU have one, too? well, at present, S1bu do have one, a young female political figure from the opposition in the election race and coincidentally, she is also a "Lau " from the Lau Clan of Sibu challenging our State Minister of Environment and Health, Sarawak, Dato' Seri Wong (from S1bu) in the constituency of N47-Bawang Assan (part of S1Bu). Could that female leader be............... her? Well,well, could it be just a talk only but...when come to election or's the power of the PEOPLE. Use it wisely!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Largest Inland Lake in S1BU.

S1bu Lake Garden is largest project covering an areas of 130 acres and located next to the Permai New Township (opposite to Sibu General Hospital). The project covers public Parks & Garden and the largest inland lake or S1bu Lake take up about 11 acres of the whole areas of the Park. This is the joint project of Sibu Municipal Council and "Jabatan Lanskap Negara" (the Federal Landscape Department, Kuala Lumpur). Occasionally, various activities like Family Day outing, remote control toy boat competition were held at this areas.

Recently, the extension of the third phase of the S1bu Lake Garden had completed with a very beautiful Cultural Food Pavilion or Court accompanied by a "Melanau" hat style structure pavilion (with semi-glass roofing) with multi-purpose Stage on the ground floor and upper floor is watching tower/platform and water pontoon for water activities. This Food Court can accommodate a few hundred people at any one time. It's going to be a hit with the sibu people and another landmark for S1BU.

1. Chinese style roofing of the Food Pavilion.

2. Serving Areas of the Food Pavilion.

3. Serving areas and Food Stalls.

4. "Melanau" Hat Roofing Pavilion with Centre Stage.

5. Interior View of the Pavilion

6. Ceiling of the Pavilion

7. Another View of the Pavilion.

8. Another a spacecraft ?

9. The View of the lake from the watching platform.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Biggest " Vessel" or "Boat" in S1BU.

It had been a year already since I last wrote on the "Zhongyuan Jie/ Yu Lan Hui " or the Chinese All Souls' Day, Time really wait for nobody. It's coming to the festival again. What's the happening this time in S1BU?

One very huge Vessel or boat was built in front of one Chinese Temple ( "Par Wan Kong") along Jalan Deshon, Sibu. It's really huge with the length spanning about 72 feet. It 's the vessel or boat built for the ritual in the celebration of "Yu Lan Hui" which will be used to transport of all the homeless "Ghost"to neverland or whatever?? . The boat supposed to be made of paper but this time , the temple organiser are using plywood to construct it. This vessel/boat will be burned on the actual day of the celebration i.e on 24th August 2010 or the Chinese calender 15th of the 7th month. Guess, it must be a pretty " hot" sight during the burning. According to the organisers, the construction of this boat was also to rise fund for the construction of the Temple which they are short of 500K. They said anyone can buy a share of the Boat costing about RM 10.00/share. Anytakers?

I think it's the biggest Vessel or Boat, ever built in S1BU for the Rituals. The biggest in Sarawak . A S1BU Boleh!!

Newspapers' Cutting :-

Borneo Post (17th August 2010)

Sin Chew Daily (16th August 2010)

A Video Clip from a Good Friend.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The biggest Surprise for the biggest Market in the Land.

It's 23rd February 2010, Our 1malaysia, YB Datuk Seri Najib (Our PM) made his 1st visit to the biggest market in the land, the famous Sibu Central Market, Jalan channel, Sibu (Just not mistaken Sibu for the island in Peninsular Malaysia and this S1Bu is in the state of Sarawak). The weather was terribly warm and everyone was very,very eager to meet 1malaysia and it was about after 12.30 noon, our 1malaysia was led by a convoy of police bikes finally arrived at the entrance of Sibu Central Market (infact that is in the middle portion of Sibu Central Market).

Well, you ask me what's the 1malaysia' s visit for? Guess, our 1Malaysia YB PM Datuk Seri Najib came here for new year visiting or ??? Anyway or whatever, it's really , really nice to have him around in Sibu Central Market during this auspicious Chinese new year time. (Year 2010)

1. Photo: Lion Dance Groups lined up for Group Pix

2.Photo: 1CEO Mr. Hii (in light blue Batik) keeping in contact for the schedule of 1Malaysia PM Datuk Seri Najib.

3. Photo: SMC councillors also line up to greet 1Malaysia PM Datuk Seri Najib. Municipal Architect Abu Baker (in yellow batik) was there too.

4. Photo: Iban Dancing to welcome 1Malaysia PM Datuk Seri Najib.

5. Photo: The Arrival of 1Malaysia.

6.Photo: 1malaysia PM Datuk Seri Najib led into the Market by 1SMC Datuk Mayor Tiong Thai King.

7. Photo: A memento from the Sibu Central Market Hawker's Committee.

8. Photo: 1 Malaysia PM in the Tamu areas of the Market.

9. Photo: Sign of Kong Xi, Kong Xi to S1Bu and wishing you luck & Happiness!!
10. Photo: 1 Malaysia PM make the exit from the market and into his transport waving to the Public.
See You again!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st Sibu C-Zone Off-Road Invitation 2009.

This is the 1st Time in Sibu , the RC Car Club, "Speed Fire" organised this Off-Road Challenge or competition for RC Cars (1:8 scale Buggy and 1:8 scale Truggy) on 3 -4 October 2009 and participants were from the Peninsular , Taiwan, Hong Kong ,Kuching , Brunei and our local RC enthusiast .One of the participant was about 10 years old and competing among the adult. The venue of the competition is in the ground of our IPK Sibu (Sibu Police Hq) and understand that the racing track is called "SIBU C-Zone " and quite a moderate racing ground and it's a real pity ,there was no spectator's stand or else it would be a complete ground for those not only play but also those non participant who might enjoyed watching the race.

Yes, this competition or challenge was jointly sponsored or organized by the Speed Fire RC club, the Sibu Police, Sibu Municipal Council and Daisim Co. The Occasion was graced by the State Minister of Environment & Public Health, Sarawak, YB Dato' Seri Wong Soon Koh and other Guest of honors included YB Datuk Tiong Thai King (Sibu Mayor), Deputy Mayor Yg. bhg. Mr Daniel Ngieng and Datuk Lau Cheng Kiong. The Organising Chairperson is Kenny Ting (also the chairperson of the Speed Fire RC Club.

(Photo: YB Dato' Sri Wong was leaded to the grand stand by the organizing chairperson)

(Photo: Looking at the Prizes)

(Photo: Watching the race)

(Photo: O/C Mr. Ting talking to the Vice Chairman of the Speed Fire RC Club, DSP Denis Leong)

The Press Release of the Event in Our Local Press.

The State Minister of Environment & Public Health, Sarawak , YB Dato' Seri Wong commented that RC car racing might be a Tourism Potential and what's giving some fund to upgrade the track like erecting grand stand for the spectators or even best if the state government can allocate a land for them to erect a standard racing ground. What's about that ? (member of SPEED FIRE RC Club?)

(Photo: Group photo of the member of SPEED FIRE RC Club /organizing group of this Competition)

Some enlightenment from Mr. Simon (the Secretary of SPEED FIRE RC CLUB), there are about some thirty (30) RC Car enthusiasts in S1BU and about 10 over from S1BU joined this challenge. Asked about any other Club of this sort in S1BU, was told that there is one registered Remote Control Club in S1Bu but they are mostly on the race of RC Boats only. Want to join the Club & Fun?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Grandiest Lantern Festival of all Time in S1BU.

(Photo: The Back drop of the Launching of the Lantern Festival)

This year the Lantern Festival Celebration in S1Bu will going to be a very special one. Why? Last Saturday, 26th of September 2009 (one week before the lantern festival day), Sibu Municipal Council, Kutien Association, Chinese Temple jointly lighted up the newly installed 7000 lanterns hanging at the compound of Oldest Chinese "Eng Ann " Temple ,along the Old Street, Channel Road , Chinese Temple road until the Sibu Gateway covering a total distant of 1.5 to 2 km.

(Photo: the Grand Old S1BU pride- the "Kwan Ing" Pagoda)
The beginning of the Lantern line up, you could see the lighted up of a Dragon Head (at the temple), followed by the streets lined with lanterns and ended at the Sibu Gateway (the tail of the Dragon) with the S1BU mascot-the Swan (or the Phoenix).

(Photo: Dragon Head)

(Photo: Dragon Head)

(Photo: Lantern brightly lighted a long Chinese Chamber Street)

(Photo: along Channel Road)

(Photo: at the Sibu Gateway (the end of the lantern)

(Photo: at Sibu Gateway)

(Photo: 1CEO(SMC) Mr. Hii Chang Kee with Friend (a blogger too))

(Photo: Our Magnificent S1bu Mascot, the Swan or Phoenix)

(Photo: This is something outside the Lantern Festival, a "special dragon" which they said is the big brother of all dragons having Dragon head, Tortoise body and Phoenix craws. This was found sitting at the main Stage during the Festival launching)

This is a Malaysian Book of Record (unofficial) and another S1BU boleh!! The Organisers said that this will be made an annual event and the next one will be better.(What's about creating a Guinness Book of Record ?)
From the National News , Our 1Malaysia, our PM had announced that the Government will be giving a grant of a quarter Million to the Organisers (NGOs) of the KL lantern Festival and it would be good if the state government could give a grant for the S1Bu Lantern Festival too. What's do you think?

For those Chinese educated, you might be wondering why the back drop of the launching ceremony mentioned is the launching of the 1st Borneo Lantern Festival and from the start, why I don't mention it's the 1st Borneo lantern Festival ? Well, felt that it would be better if it is call the 1st Sibu Lantern Festival but ........I think "Borneo" more marketable.
More goodies will be distributed during the actual date of the Lantern Festival or Moon Cake Festival on the 3rd of October 2009 (as reported in the local dailies) that about 8000 lanterns will be distributed free to the public. (Organisers! what's about distributing free Moon Cakes?) Come in group & Get your lantern and Feel the mood.
A very Happy lantern or Moon Cake festival to all.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 3rd September 2009 in S1BU.

What's so special about 3rd of September of 2009? but, if look at the Chinese calender is the 15th day of the 7 month of the year where the devoted Buddhists celebrated the "Zhongyuan Jie/Yu Lan Hui" or the Chinese All Souls' Day. I'm sure that the Buddhists around the world do celebrate this special occasion to commemorate the dead & nameless, homeless ones.

In S1bu, the large temple like Eng Ann Temple, "Par Wan Kun" , "Tan Hua Hu" celebrated in a grand scale with at least a few hundred devotees. Plentiful of Food, paper monies, paper items ( like paper big vehicles , boats, many luxurious items) to be burn & offer to the dead. Monks from outside were called in to do the rituals.

(Photo: Monks doing the Chanting)

The followings are the pictures taken during the Celebration ..........

(Photo: Food line up on the floor)
(Photo: Paper monies and ready to offer to the dead & homeless)

(Photo: Main Alter with the display of the "Black Gold")

(Photo: A smaller alter for the Gods)

(Photo : Offering)

(Photo: Organisers at Work)

(Photo: Night Fall, candle lighted up with the Food)

(Photo: Closer View of the Offering)

(Photo: These 2 were Goodies for the Living...the "Black Gold".)

(Photo: another view of the "black Gold")

The "Black Gold", in fact is the charcoal which was offered during this festival and this was the much sought item by the devotee which might bring them plenty of good luck & prosperity the whole year thro' if kept in the house. These "Black Gold" supposed to be given to all the devotees but isn't the case. Why? What's do you think?

(Photo: After the offering, the living going after the Food and believed if consumed
will bring the Peace & Luck)

(Photo: Another Scene of the action)

(Photo: Still in action)

(Photo: Another Scene)

The Celebration ended in the early evening with the offerings gone in a few minutes and understood that this expenses is about RM 10,000.00 or little more.What's a celebration!! it's good to remember the nameless & homeless but what's about the living who are homeless??