Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 1st female YB of S1bu (?) the 10th Sarawak State Election 2011.

It had been "said" by one of le sser known Chinese Geomacer that after the erection of the "S1Bu Town Mascot" at the biggest Town Square of S1Bu ( Town Square Phase I) that S1BU will be having a big change in her political environment. How? Well, look at the pair of male (cob) and the female (pen), the male Swan being bigger in size is eager to fly away while the female is nesting and it beak pointing towards the ground of the S1BU Town Square and this being said a near future that S1Bu will be "blessed" with a female S1BU bred political leader. Who could that be ? Some said that it could be Datin Janet ....(well, do not think so that she would like to get herself in the political race again after the late Datuk Robert left her)...It had been a year since the late Datuk left this world fondly remembered and sadly missed him.

Kuching do have State ladies YBs, Meradong had one and looking at the 10th Sarawak State Election, will S1BU have one, too? well, at present, S1bu do have one, a young female political figure from the opposition in the election race and coincidentally, she is also a "Lau " from the Lau Clan of Sibu challenging our State Minister of Environment and Health, Sarawak, Dato' Seri Wong (from S1bu) in the constituency of N47-Bawang Assan (part of S1Bu). Could that female leader be............... her? Well,well, could it be just a talk only but...when come to election or's the power of the PEOPLE. Use it wisely!

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